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Wood Fences

Wood fences are a timeless, reliable choice for many homeowners who want to enhance their home’s curb appeal, privacy, and value. Wood fences can last for decades with proper installation.


McLaughlin Fence Co.’s signature “Wood to Metal” technique ensures fences with the beauty of wood with the strength of steel. By mounting your fence on galvanized steel posts driven deep in the ground, your wood fence will last years longer than it would with a typical installation. 



Aluminum Fences

Powder-coated aluminum closely mimics classic ornamental iron fences without the high maintenance and cost. These customizable fences add elegance, sturdiness and longevity.


We can add classy front gates, security fences, property boundary fences, pool enclosures  and more with a high level of customization. McLaughlin Fence Co. is uniquely equipped to customize aluminum fences for your needs. Steel options are also available.


Read more about our superior installation capabilities. 


  • Ornamental

  • Pool Enclosures 

  • Security

  • Custom Features

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Steel 1.HEIC

Steel Fences

Steel fences offer a high level of strength, security and longevity. We install steel fences in Maine for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.  


McLaughlin Fence Co. has installed steel fences for commercial buildings, solar farms, marijuana growing operations, cell towers, public pools and more. Aluminum fencing is available for similar applications. 


Read more about our superior installation capabilities.

Vinyl and PVC

Vinyl and PVC Fences

We install a variety of vinyl and PVC fences in Maine. These fences are as close to maintenance-free as you can get. They will never rot, shrink or decompose like wood, or rust like metal. It is mold and mildew resistant, and only requires occasional cleaning.

Compared to wood fencing, vinyl is not very impact resistant making it not the ideal choice for a garden fence or decorative fence or if you prefer a colored fence without the hassle and maintenance of painting or staining.

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Chain Link

Chain Link Fences

A chain link fence is a durable and low-maintenance fencing option with a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Made from galvanized steel, chain link is a cost-effective way to secure a large area. 

McLaughlin  Fence Co. installs chain link fencing in Maine in a variety of heights, gauges of mesh and colors to help match your budget and project needs. We also offer a wide variety of chain link fence fittings and gate hardware and can customize as needed or repair existing fences.

Split Rail

Split Rail Fences

One of the more popular styles of fencing, split rail offers a rustic or refined accent to your property or definition to your boundary line. Our split rail fences come in wood, vinyl and pvc with two or three-rail options. 


Rail fences are also traditionally used for horse and livestock enclosures. By adding wire mesh, your fence can maintain its look while enclosing your smaller pets. 

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